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Oaths & Affirmations

Oaths are declared attestations to the truthfulness or inviolability of one’s intended expressions or actions. These are usually performed with appeal to a higher power or supernatural being.


Affirmations are equivalent to oaths, which are performed with appeal to one’s personal honor.

Affidavits & Depositions

Affidavits are written declarations, which are signed and sworn to by the affiant. These may then be admissible in court.


Depositions are sworn testimonies of a witness or other party that participates in court proceedings. These can be recorded or transcribed.

Proofs of Execution

Proofs of Execution are sworn declarations by a subscribing witness that a principal signer signed a document in their presence.


Home loan documents are reviewed under the supervision of a real estate notary. Document signatures are witnessed, and notary acknowledgments are provided.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a legal document that empowers a selected agent to make decisions on behalf of someone else. Examples may include medical care, finances, or investments. Powers may be general or limited.

Certify Acknowledgements

An acknowledgement is a sworn declaration by the notary public that the involved parties provided signatures with the capacity and understanding of the contents of the document(s) being signed.


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Oaths & Affirmations


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About Zlata Notary

Zlata Zakharenko is a licensed Notary Public and Real Estate agent with over 5 years of experience.  

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Zlata Zakharenko, Licensed Notary Public

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I needed an important document notarized for the hospital that I would be working for and I found Zlata's information on Google. She set an appointment with me the same day and came to the front of my building. Very professional and punctual. A+

Nastya Klenchko

Zlata is the best notary public that you can ask for. Punctual, courteous and most importantly thorough. She explained everything regarding my Oaths & Affirmations question and stamped my document without any issues. Will refer others! Thank you.

James Cook

After doing much research, I was surprised to learn that notaries can be mobile and come to your home. This was extremely convenient. Zlata arrived on time and was super kind. I needed my deposition signed and notarized and she was most helpful.

Jesica Smith

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